There will be a lot of changes when we do reopen so please read the following thoroughly

(These guidelines will be updated shortly to comply with government guidance) :

  • We will be reopening with limited hours/limited appointments.


  • You will only be permitted to attend your appointment on your own - so please attend your appointment alone we will not be allowing anymore than 3 customers in the premises at 1 time.


  • You will not be permitted into the studio without a mask - if you do not have one you will be able to purchase one on arrival (£1)

  •  Please thoroughly wash your hands on arrival using the sink, soap and hand sanitiser provided. You will be required to disinfect your belongings so please bring the bare minimum. 


  • You must wear a mask throughout your time in the studio changing every 4 hours (if wearing a disposable mask) and throwing your discarded mask in the hazardous waste bin provided - if your appointment is longer than 4 hours you will have a mandatory 20 minute break where you must leave the studio for fresh air.

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival, if you have a fever or are showing symptoms please get in touch with your artist and reschedule your appointment as soon as possible - please see changes to our cancellation/reschedule policy. 

  • If you have been around anyone with symptoms please get in touch to reschedule your appointment - please see changes to our cancellation policy. 

  • Please arrive at your appointment time - you will not be permitted into the studio until your appointment time. Please DO NOT BE LATE as this will affect other customers appointments. 

  • No food or drink permitted in the studio - please make sure you eat before your appointment and have something sugary. 

  • You will be sent a disclaimer to fill out prior to your appointment - you will need to fill this out and send back digitally to your artist. 

  • please make sure you have a pay-pal account set up as this is our preferred method of payment. 

  • NO WALK INS - We will be operating on a locked door system. All appointments and enquiries must be made via email or telephone, please do not pop in to the studio as we will have to turn you away.

  • OUR BOOKS ARE CLOSED - We currently do not have any availability for new bookings at present and will not be responding to new enquiries for now. 




As you can imagine, we have a backlog of 4 months worth of customers to reschedule - if you have emailed, Thank you!, we will get back to you as soon as possible, but at the moment our customers from March - April are priority to get re-booked and seen as soon as possible.


All March & April customers your artist will be in touch directly in order to reschedule you.

May, June & July customers we haven’t forgotten you and will be in touch soon!

New customers/ enquiries - we are hoping to get you booked in from September/ October onward but will not be responding to new enquiries straight away so please be patient, and please do not resend enquires over and over as it will push you down the queue.

Due to artists only being permitted into the studio if they have appointments – we will be increasing our cancellation window from 48 hours to 72 hours.  



A £100 deposit is required in order to secure an appointment with us (£200 for a day session). 

Deposits will be taken off of your final session. 

If  you do not contact us at least 72 hours before you appointment to cancel or reschedule you will loose your deposit.

Appointments can only be rescheduled  TWICE.

All deposits are non refundable


The safety of our artists and customers is our upmost priority and these rules have been put into place to protect us all and reduce the spread whilst being able to hold our appointments efficiently and effectively.