All piercing prices include the jewellery and aftercare instructions. 

There are no age requirements on nose and ears with parental consent.

All other piercings are 16+ unless otherwise stated.

Microdermal, Navel and surface piercings are 16+.

Nipple and Tongue piercings are 18+ ONLY.


I.D required.

Lobe - Through the earlobe - £25 / pair £35

Helix - Outer cartilage rim piercing - £40

Tragus - Through nub of the ear - £40

Anti-Tragus - Through cartilage rim above earlobe - £40

Conch - Through shell of the ear - £40​

Rook - Anti-helix piercing - £40

Daith - Inner conch ridge piercing - £40

Transverse Lobe - Horizontal piercing through the lobe - £50

Navel - Through top rim of the navel top or bottom - £40

Nipple - Horizontal or vertical through the nipple - £40 each​ - £70 Pair

Surface Piercing - £60

Micro Dermal - £60

Nose - Through left or right Side of nostril. - £30 - NOT AVAILABLE 

Septum - Through central nose cartilage - £50 -NOT AVAILABLE 

Eyebrow - Ridge of eyebrow - £40

Bridge - Through bridge of the nose between the eyes - £60

Labret - Through lower lip - £40 - NOT AVAILABLE

Monroe - Through upper lip at either side - £40 -  NOT AVAILABLE

Madonna - Through top of lip left or right side - £40  - NOT AVAILABLE

Snake Bite - Two piercings, through lower lip - £70  - NOT AVAILABLE

Medusa - Through the centre of upper lip - £40 - ​ NOT AVAILABLE

Tongue- Vertical piercing through tongue - £40- NOT AVAILABLE

Venom - Tip of the tongue - £60- NOT AVAILABLE

Smiley - Through webbing of upper lip - £50- NOT AVAILABLE

Web - Through the web underneath the tongue - £50- NOT AVAILABLE​


We will only be accepting piercings by appointment only and have temporarily banned all mouth and nose piercings.


You will only be able to attend your appointment on your own - those that need parental consent, your parent may drop you off to sign a consent form and return to collect you.

They will not be able to wait for you in the studio. 

The full price of the piercing will be taken as a deposit in order to reduce the handling of cash.

This will be done via our PayPal link so please ensure you have set up an account.

To make and appointment please email. 

We will not be offering our jewellery change service or selling jewellery at this point – so unless you have a piercing appointment, we will not be able to admit you into the studio.


Thanks! Message sent.